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Fast-food fairness

February 2, 2003


To the editor:

The Knight-Ridder column titled "It's time for fast food to grow up," that appeared in the Journal-World seemed more of a bashing of McDonald's than an editorial. Sure, they have their problems, but so do Burger King and Wendy's.

It compares McDonald's to Panera Bread. In a Wall Street Journal article a few days ago, they compared a McDonald's quarter pounder with cheese to various items at Panera Bread and Baja Fresh. Both of the items had far more calories, fat and cholesterol than the quarter pounder. Then they went even further by saying that Panera bread and Baja Fresh almost deceive consumers by using words like "fresh" and "good for you." Neither of the two give nutritional information in the store as McDonald's has since the '70s. Also, Baja Fresh cut its serving size in half to make the food appear healthier (i.e. one sandwich is two servings).

If you really want to combat unhealthy eating for our children, then start by investigating the school cafeterias. Most kids eat there every school day, and I can tell you that their food quality is poor. McDonald's food quality has (and always will be) higher than FDA requirements. In many cases even better than food at supermarkets. For example, McDonald's all beef hamburgers are 81 percent lean, and at the supermarkets you will find tubes and tubes of 70 percent lean.

The column not only should have included the other major fast food chains for fairness, but also should do more research before making those types of comments.

Russell Warren,


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