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Buying loyalty

August 28, 2003


To the editor:

The Aug. 12 Journal-World reported that the Kansas University "athletic department is looking for some loyal fans ... to help sell football tickets."

No one was a more loyal Jayhawk than I was. Since graduation in '66, I have held season tickets in the same location at the stadium and fieldhouse. (I even tried to purchase two vacant stadium seats beside mine but was refused because I was not a Williams Fund member. The seats remained empty for years. One eventually sold.) I sat through seasons of poor play, but it was my school, my team, my boys. As a teacher with four children, it was a hardship to pay for season tickets, and I was unable to donate. Before the first threats to my seats, I was inclined to donate if ever able. But now they have rejected my kind of loyalty.

I am one of the 121 basketball season ticket holders who were advised to donate $5,000 or else. They even did this to an 80-year-old former KU player. On Aug. 11, I returned well-located football tickets. You may be able to purchase them with a good donation, but if KU wins consistently, you'll be expelled in favor of bigger donors. They will drain the Crimson and Blue out of you because loyalty is big dollars.

John Scollon,


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