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It’s art

August 24, 2003


To the editor:

Ray Parker, you are grossly misinformed when you claim that Contra Naturam portrays child abuse. In the show "Baby Has a Nightmare'" "Baby" refers to the nickname of the member playing that role. The University Daily Kansan, where Mr. Parker obtained his information, was in error by inferring that the character was portraying a child. Contra Naturam condemns all forms of child abuse, period. Most of us live in Lawrence, and we adore this town. We would never want to see its kids hurt or exposed to what we do, which is why we only perform in over-18 venues late at night.

In regard to your accusing me of portraying a clergyman who advocates deviant sex, I'll gladly send you a copy of that script so you can garner the context and see why your assessment is not accurate. I'll even send you a PG version.

What I think Mr. Parker doesn't get is that our performance is art. Are you in some way astonished that there could be art that you do not understand or appreciate? Can you not fathom that other people might have a different opinion than you, different tastes? Are you not familiar with our First Amendment?

Jericho van de Velde,


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