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Department offers tips to avoid fines on campus grounds

August 16, 2003


The Kansas University Parking Department offers a "primer" about parking on campus:

Here's a sample:

  • Permits come in either a sticker or a hangtag. When parked on campus, you must have the permit displayed on the rear windshield or from your rearview mirror, or you will be ticketed.
  • Permits are sold for a specific color zone, not for a specific lot. Yellows are valid only in yellow lots and residence hall permits only in specific residence hall lots. If you are unsure where you may or may not park, please ask us. You will be safer from tickets if you never park in staff lots.
  • All vehicles parked in campus parking lots must have a current KU parking permit, unless the vehicle is parked for the hourly rate in a parking facility, or at a paid meter. Permits are not valid at meters. If you park at one, you must pay the meter. During restricted hours, there is no free parking on campus.
  • If your vehicle becomes disabled on campus and you are unable to move it, contact the Parking Department immediately. It will need your license plate number and where you're parked (this helps keep you from getting a ticket or being towed).
  • It is very important to read and understand the signs. All lots have signs at the entrances that indicate the type of permit allowed (a colored stripe) and the hours of restriction. Yellow commuter student lots are restricted until 4 p.m., and most staff lots until 5 p.m. Some lots are not open until 7:30 p.m.

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