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Balanced policy

August 7, 2003


To the editor:

I applaud Mayor David Dunfield's announcement regarding his intention to appoint a task force to study future growth issues for the city of Lawrence. This task force should provide an opportunity for the city and the development community to discuss and shape policies that should benefit all Lawrencians.

For the task force to be of real and lasting benefit, there should be substantial representation from the development community. Residential and commercial builders, developers, bankers and Realtors should be among those at the table. While everyone in Lawrence will be affected by any new policy on growth, it makes sense that the citizens affected most by public policy should have a voice in shaping it.

It will take significant collaborative work by all parties involved to provide city services ahead of future development in a timely and cost-efficient fashion. With involvement from the development community, a wider array of novel approaches will be a part of the task force's discussion, without compromising the city's objectives. This in turn could provide the city of Lawrence the ability to grow in an orderly fashion while taking into account the interests of all stakeholders in the community.

I urge Mayor Dunfield to take a balanced approach in the selection of members for the very important "growth-guiding task force."

Mike McGrew,


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