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Many thanks

August 2, 2003


To the editor:

Recent J-W editorials graciously and appropriately commended the vision, creativity and energy of Richard Norton Smith and Eric Nelson of the Dole Institute of Politics in planning the dedication of the institute. Their efforts are admirable.

Apparently, space constraints prevented the recognition of hundreds of city, university and community members who ensured that Smith's and Nelson's visions were realized. Representatives of many groups conferred for months to address the hundreds of details associated with dedication planning. Many offices and individuals went far beyond the normal scope of their responsibilities to ensure the dedication's success.

My hat is off to city, county and campus offices, especially those responsible for law enforcement and traffic, health and public safety, and the many campus and city facilities that served as hosts for parts of the dedication. Many of them adjusted their workloads and schedules to accommodate the Dole Institute dedication schedule.

Special thanks are due to local businesses who supported the event and to the many community volunteers.

The dedication focused immense positive attention on the Lawrence community. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of those who made it happen.

Jeannette A. Johnson,


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