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Do you think the Kansas Legislature will try to override the governor's veto of a budget amendment aimed at eliminating a sex education class at Kansas University?

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Response Percent
Yes. And I hope they succeed. The class should go.
No. The Legislature won’t deal with the matter any further.
Yes — but I don’t agree with them. The governor was correct in vetoing it.
Total 2121

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On the record
April 22, 2003
Ronald L. Miller
April 22, 2003
Vernell D. Ehrhardt
April 22, 2003
Old home town - 25 and 40 years ago today
April 22, 2003
In the halls
April 22, 2003
Settlement on river water use nears approval
Kansas had sued Nebraska for irrigators’ diversion of more than their share of Republican River
April 22, 2003
A settlement has been proposed that would end a 5-year-old lawsuit over Republican River water allocations involving Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado.
Daily Ticker
April 22, 2003
Sprint’s $1.7 billion misses analysts’ mark
Overland Park-based company blames economy, competition for subpar earnings performance
April 22, 2003
Sprint Corp. reported earnings Monday of nearly $1.7 billion during the first quarter, but failed to meet analysts’ expectations.
Roy admirer
April 22, 2003
Eugene Leon Madl
April 22, 2003
Team effort
April 22, 2003
Board support
April 22, 2003
Reginald J. Shuckahosee
April 22, 2003
Lost potential
April 22, 2003
Schott services
April 22, 2003
Goins services
April 22, 2003
Kay R. Chapman
April 22, 2003