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School response

October 28, 2002


To the editor:

My thanks to those of you who have called me regarding my "opinion" as some say regarding the "alternative high school." I must say this "high school" has no band, no orchestra, no soccer team, no athletic department, no art department, but is quite frankly a remedial learning center. Do not call a dog a cat or a cat a dog. It is what it is.

One young lady informed me with a phone message that she got pregnant and her life was threatened. Hmmmm? The pregnancy is her problem, not the taxpayers'. The threatening of her life, well, if at a local high school, then where is her perpetrator? In conclusion, she called me in her best "alternative" vocabulary nouns that were not taught to me in high school English or college English.

A mother called to inform me that her van is being worn out taking her daughter back and forth from Free State to the "alternative" high school so the daughter can take a class. Jeezzzz!!! What is this all about? Is there a problem with the teaching at Free State?

Likewise, Ms. Kennedy said she got F's at Lawrence High for not going to class. Why? Welcome to the crowd, Ms. Kennedy. I got F's at KU for not going also. I was not offered an "alternative" except to get drafted into the U.S. Army. To the school board, throw all the money you want into buildings. Raise the taxes and I guarantee you that even Ms. Parman with the Chamber cannot create enough economic development to pull us out of the debt you are creating.

David Holroyd,


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