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No evidence

October 22, 2002


To the editor:

What is it that Bush may have shown as evidence, proving claims that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and the capabilities and desire to use them? What was it that has swayed some Democrats and many Republicans alike to support Bush's war with Iraq? With so many questions still unanswered, and nothing shown to U.S. citizens as proof of such claims, can we afford to risk the consequences of an unprovoked attack on a country who is, undeniably, run by a "madman"?

A similar fellow was in power of Cuba in 1962. The Kennedy administration provided the United Nations with undisputable proof of missiles to be aimed at the United States. No such evidence has been brought forth to the American public concerning Bush's claims of urgency for an attack on Iraq. This is of public concern, and we deserve to know whatever they know. Our sons and daughters, not the children of political privilege, will be the ones fighting those who have fought in their own city streets and neighborhoods for decades. I believe this will not play out the way of Bush Sr.'s Desert Storm. The projected loss of life within our military and innocent Iraqi citizens should be unacceptable to any thinking person.

Providing specific information on exactly why we should go to war must become priority with the administration if it is to gain the support of voting Americans. After all aren't we, the American soldier, businessperson, student, housewife, and all in between the ones who will ultimately pay the price for this headstrong, poorly planned attack? There will be no safe bunkers at undisclosed locations for the United States when the terror cells here erupt.

Doris Stine,


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