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Negative slant

October 22, 2002


To the editor:

The Associated Press article, "Controversial leader proclaimed saint" about Josemaria Eseriva in the Oct. 7 Journal-World was greatly appreciated, but the anti-Catholic slant was not.

The descriptions "controversial" and "conservative" are the negatives of our modernist-pagan society that you are thus applying to Pope John Paul II as well. Opus Dei follows the traditional monastic teachings of pious prayer, good works and obedience to the pope. It is a lay organization that allows only 2 percent of its members to become its own priests. These priests have a doctorate in a lay profession and, after age 30, earn a doctorate in theology.

The 84,000 members come from 60 nations, and every walk of life; and may or may not be professional or "elitist." No uniforms are worn, and they support themselves and the organization. Their associate members number in the millions, and many are married. This group made up the 400,000-plus crowd at the canonization. You now know as much about Opus Dei as you do about the Trappist or the Carmelites. Where is the secrecy?

James Fedrick,


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