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Get real

October 20, 2002


To the editor:

It will probably be too late by the time this letter gets to the Journal-World, but the lack of common sense is still in the minds of a lot of hard-working and taxpaying folk in Gaslight Village.

Talk about the height of arrogance closing the only exit from residence at Gaslight must be at the top, or very close to that dimension.

If Terese Gorman had to wait 30 minutes ("It's not very long") to exit her driveway, don't you think her screams would be heard all the way to the top of City Hall. You better believe it!

Come on. Just because we live in East Lawrence does not mean we are second-class citizens and do not deserve any respect from the city upper echelon. This is the message a lot of East Lawrence residents are hearing and feeling. Get real!!

Norman Bartlett,


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