School issues

To the editor:

1. If “at risk” children require a smaller teacher/student ratio to succeed why create a less desirable environment? East Heights and New York are assumed to have their share of “at risk” populations.

2. There has been a fair amount of money spent rehabilitating East Heights in the last two years. Why close the school? Was this good use of district funds?

3. Considering the population will grow to 250,000 we can assume all neighborhoods will do the same. Where are the children going to attend school?

4. Do members of the board consider East Heights too dangerous for westside children? The rumor is out there. There are mischievous children in all neighborhoods as income is certainly no barrier.

5. What will be done with the structures/property once the schools are closed?

6. How do we know bigger schools will operate more efficiently?

7. The best idea DLR has come up with thus far is rehabilitating Lawrence High School. However that decision could have been made at the board level.

Maximizing and maintaining existing resources it seems would be the most sensible approach and creating new structures only where necessary. I realize the primary problem is at the state level. Therefore this community must keep this in mind at the ballot box. This should be an issue at the local level as well.

Richard Heckler,