School shift

To the editor:

It pains me that a consulting firm that is not part of our community will be paid according to the size of a bond issue they get us to pass. One of the scenarios featuring simple renovations with no school closings is discounted while new building is emphasized as “necessary.”

Schools with places already established, such as East Lawrence Recreation Center or the Boys and Girls Club, to accommodate the needs of children with single working parents will be abandoned so that new building can go forward where communities don’t even exist. I wonder how current the population data regarding loss of population is. Many new families seem to be appearing here near the city center with children who are not yet ready for school, here where the homes are more affordable.

We are told that it is inappropriate now to serve food in gymnasiums. How is it that so many of our forebears received fine educations in one-room schools?

It is possible to help our school board with money problems in other ways, such as Community Development block grants. I hope we are given that opportunity.

Ardys Ramberg,