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Table test

October 15, 2002


To the editor:

Good drivers, as a rule, have the ability to compute time, speed, distance and space quickly. This prowess also gives them the ability to look at a sausage patty and a toaster waffle on their plate and automatically calculate what size each bite must be to have the last piece of waffle match the remaining sausage.

Without fudging, try it yourself to see if you are as good a driver as you believe yourself to be. For instance, do you always stay in the inside lane so you can 1) have the best proximity for a head-on collision or 2) control all the other drivers behind you by not allowing them to pass? This also includes staying just to the left but behind the car in the right-hand lane so no one can move around you from the right.

With an open mind, maybe the above table test might reveal some interesting personality traits.

Bill Ermeling


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