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A special place

October 13, 2002


To the editor:

Recently I was honored by being placed in the Lawrence High School Alumni Assn. Hall of Honor. I want to publicly thank Jeff Hatfield and the other board members of the association for their nomination and support in selecting me for such a wonderful honor. I also want to thank the many junior and senior high students, college students and adults affectionately referred to as "has beens" and relatives who helped make this honor possible by supporting Red Dog's Dog Days over the last 19 years. There are, of course, the numerous citizens of this fine community who donated time and money so the summer workout program could continue.

There is also one individual who deserves special recognition, and that individual is Jim "Punkin" O'Connell. He has been a co-worker, a friend and a loyal supporter of Lawrence High athletics, and he was there at the beginning and remained through the years helping all who wished to "get in shape."

I am truly thankful for the recognition that I have been given, but I am equally thankful perhaps even more for the people of the Lawrence community. This is a special place to live.

Don "Red Dog" Gardner,


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