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School foresight

November 26, 2002


To the editor:

The Lawrence school board (and district administration) want to "fast-track" closure of Riverside School. Are Centennial and East Heights next? Are we to believe that "fast-tracking" the demise of 12 Lawrence neighborhoods is in the best interest of Lawrence or the only solution? State funding relates to operational rather than facility expenses.

Closing schools may temporarily make the "bottom line" look good. However it will be extremely costly for the future health of the city.

Closing schools will "fast-track" family exodus and accelerate multi-family zoning in those neighborhoods.

Hindsight has shown that a flawed 1965 city ordinance has severely damaged many family neighborhoods, although it is possible for the present city commission to reverse this ordinance. The BOE however, can permanently destroy neighborhoods overnight, because closing schools is forever. Surely there are better ways to resolve budget problems than destroying neighborhoods, while adding to the city's reputation of being "family-unfriendly!" All solutions do not necessarily originate at 110 Mcdonald Drive.

Isn't foresight usually better than hindsight?

Bob Blank,


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