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Model family

November 26, 2002


To the editor:

Your elitist editorial of 11-25 about Ozzy Osbourne connotes those liking his show lack "any sense of good taste and dignity." The J-W further denouncing Ozzy's family as "dysfunctional" is a little much! How can this possibly be?

We have a devoted parental unit married for over 24 years that has overcome alcohol and drug addiction. They are honest with personal feelings, openly display affection for each other and provide a loving, caring home for their children and pets. They are world travelers, with social contacts that include the queen of England and president of the United States. Their teenagers were educated in England's finest schools, are bright and intelligent and pursuing individual careers. This family unit is close-knit, religious and runs a successful family business from their home. They provide free entertainment, pay millions in taxes, are kind to all animals and open their doors to the homeless and America via satellite and cable TV weekly.

This is hardly dysfunctional! Such a successful and prosperous unit could possibly be the "poster-family" for Republicans and Christian fundamentalists, not disparaged by the J-W.

Curtis D. Bennett,


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