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Kind act

November 24, 2002


To the editor,

I am writing you as I have no other way to thank a very kind and generous couple for their random act of kindness.

Recently, my 5-year-old niece and I planned an afternoon date to see Santa Clause 2 at our local movie theatre. As you can imagine, she was very excited about the thought of going to the movies and all that goes with that experience. When we arrived at the theatre the ticket office informed us they were all sold out for Santa Clause 2 and Harry Potter.

Needless to say, my niece was very disappointed. All she wanted to do now was go home. As we headed back to the car someone yells "ma'am! ma'am!" and runs toward us. We quickly turned around to a nice woman who offered us her two tickets to Harry Potter for which she would not take any compensation.

I cannot describe the look on my niece's face at that moment and throughout the movie. We had a wonderful two hours at the movies! What a wonderful surprise!! Thanks again to a good samaritan!

Anne E. Edwards,


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