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Safety issues

November 2, 2002


To the editor:

I am profoundly confused by the city commission's recent banning of fireworks within the city limits of Lawrence. They state that the reason for the ban is safety. But, safety education for the people shooting the fireworks could have produced much the same effect maybe not as fast, but it could have worked without ruining the

patriotic enjoyment of July 4th for the law-abiding and safety-conscious citizens

Sure it might have taken some money, time and effort. Aren't we worth it? I guess not. Was that idea even considered? No. Did the fire department push for safety programs? No. A ban was the only thing on most of their minds, not even a greater enforcement of the existing laws or public display of safety information.

So, commissioners, speaking of safety, will you ban smoking in all restaurants and public places? I think I read somewhere that it has been proven that second-hand smoke causes cancer. I think I read somewhere else that smoking-related deaths by fire each year far outweigh the number of fireworks-related deaths. Oh yeah, even property damage from smoking each year far exceeds that from fireworks. If you are so worried about my safety, ban smoking in the city limits and let me celebrate Independence Day as it once was.

Mel G. Wedermyer,


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