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Field condition

November 2, 2002


To the editor:

First allow me to preface that this letter isn't being written as "sour grapes." Lawrence High won the intracity rivalry in 2002.

My concerns are being written as to the condition of Haskell University's football field. It was obvious upon arriving at the stadium for this city's most important night of football that neither Haskell nor Lawrence High held respect for the athletes or the importance of this event. If Lawrence High thinks Haskell is "their field," then take responsibility for getting the field in playing condition. The field appeared to have been used extensively during the week's inclement weather and was in "deplorable" condition. Haskell grosses over $40,000 annually from high school games through usage fees and concessions.

Some of this city's top athletes were put in potential danger of serious injury. Haskell told the Little League Football Assn. that they couldn't play at Haskell this year for the annual "Toy Bowl" because of poor field conditions and asked Lawrence High to reconsider taking KU's offer to allow this game to be played in a first-class environment. Two weeks ago, similar weather conditions faced the Lawrence schools. Free State opted for the safety of their and Leavenworth's athletes, and the respect of a poorly maintained football field to move their game to Memorial Stadium.

Where is the logic and sensibility in the events of Friday night? When will economics and the safety of the athletes of our city take precedence over "tradition"?

Diane Douglas,


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