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Disgruntled voter

November 2, 2002


To the editor:

With one week left before we vote, our streets are littered with signs saying vote for this person or that and vote for candidates who support education. But with 68 cents of every dollar the state receives spent on education and no candidate speaking clearly on how they intend to deal with the state budget crises, who is worth our vote?

Some commercials stress adequately funding education. Isn't 68 cents of every dollar enough? What do they plan to squeeze from the remaining 32 cents that will increase funding? Whose programs are going to get slashed? These proponents of candidates and education funding have no answer. Record spending on the race for governor and no answers, no plan to put before the voters, no solutions. We only get platitudes and negative ads that make us cringe when we hear them.

Few voters believe that anyone can hold the line on taxes and still avert the income shortfalls that the state is experiencing, but where the reality view coming from the candidates? Nowhere to be found.

I will certainly vote next week, but the choices have totally disappointed me.

Ken Meyer,


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