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Vote on U.S. 59?

May 27, 2002


To the editor:

Your May 22 editorial with the headline "Safety first" should alert Kansans about the seriousness of the Highway 59 project. This tells me we should look at solving problems on existing 59 first then look at alternatives next. You also point out that additional time or deliberations probably won't have much effect on where state officials decide to build the new highway.

You also pointed out how the state has adamantly refused to consider making use of the existing U.S. 59 roadbed in this process. You also point out how, throughout this process, public opinion has had little effect on KDOT decisions. This tells me KDOT appears to be orchestrating all activities to resemble a democratic process when in fact they are functioning as an oligopoly.

If we want to see our democratic process continue, perhaps we should convince our politicians to place this question on the ballot next November. We also need to make sure we have an English professor or lawyer to draft the issue correctly on the ballot; otherwise voters would be confused as to where to place their mark. David Broder's book "Democracy Derailed" is a timely reference.

Lester C. Marsh,

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