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Pocketbook issue

May 25, 2002


To the editor:

There has been recent public discussion about the alignment of U.S. Highway 59. For those citizens of Douglas and Franklin counties not concerned about the destruction of farm lands, environmental, historical and Native American cultural sites, they might be interested in the protection of their pocketbooks.

With both routes proposed by KDOT, the upkeep of the old and dangerous 59 is dumped into the laps of the taxpayers of Douglas and Franklin Counties; 54.9 percent of the upkeep of county roads come from various county taxes. In effect we would be paying taxes on two roads instead of one, the new road and the old one. Regardless of which route offered by KDOT is chosen, the taxpayers of Douglas and Franklin Counties will be paying a KDOT tax hike. A new and safe highway on the present alignment is the cost-conscious route not offered by KDOT.

Newton McCluggage,

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