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No more taxes

May 25, 2002


To the editor:

To the county commissioners and city commissioners, what part of NOt do you not understand. Do NOt raise taxes or fees!

This proposed county sales tax increase will affect phone bills, gas bills, electric bills, car repairs, cable bills, major purchases such as autos, food and the list goes on.

Industry in Lawrence will pay more for utilities, and the first place they will cut will be the employees. The employees will lose out. It may be one job per industry, but one job is one job.

The city commission is on a par with the board of directors of a major retailer that has a store and distribution center here in Lawrence. They are arrogant, self-serving, cater to special interest groups and the major retailer is bankrupt and the pattern is set here. The only difference is that the commissioners can vote and pass fees and raise taxes. The retailer can only hope to issue new stock or borrow money to keep afloat.

Madam Mayor, will you become a leader in the community and be able to say NO when needed?

Leadership? A longtime resident when asked to name leaders offered Rusty Springer, Riley Burcham, and Chancellor Malott, all deceased.

Recent decisions by our commissioners, county and city, have the same effect as "boxing a marshmallow." The results of roundabouts, registration, ordinance after ordinance, studies studying studies, all end up with as much significance as "nailing Jello to the wall." Push on a marshmallow and nail some Jello to the wall. Let me know how it turns out.

David Holroyd,

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