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59 options

May 20, 2002


To the editor:

I wanted to thank the county commissioners for their time and interest during Wednesday's U.S. Highway 59 public forum. However, I want to address a couple of possible misconceptions. First, at least one commissioner suggested more people would use the western alignment because it is closer to old U.S. 59. I do not think KDOT's statistics support such a conclusion. In any event, the freeway is not being designed to divert fast, through traffic. Through traffic would have no opportunity or inclination to use old U.S. 59 after the freeway is constructed.

It was also suggested that the counties would be stuck with maintaining old U.S. 59 only if the eastern alignment is constructed. As I view KDOT's plans, old U.S. 59 becomes the county's responsibility under either freeway alignment.

In the final analysis, the eastern alignment is a better route. A vote for the western alignment is a vote to destroy more homes, businesses, and prime farmland, and to waste more than $10 million of hard-earned taxpayers money.

Patricia M. Brady,

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