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Children first

March 30, 2002


To the editor:

I am concerned, as I am sure many are, about more cuts being made to public education in Kansas.

It is disturbing that our children are being denied opportunities that will assist them in becoming productive and well-rounded adults.

I appreciate all that has been accomplished by our school board in making difficult decisions.

I offer this idea for the board to consider.

Close all school buildings (this would include administration, custodial, secretarial, etc.) for one month in the summer. Closing the schools for the month of July would impact the smallest number of children.

Offer summer school for June and possibly two-week refresher courses in August. I know the furlough would cause negotiations for contracts for those on a 12-month contract. Vacation time could be taken in July. I know the University of Kansas only offers nine-month and 11-month contracts for almost all employees.

Please don't take away any more programs for children-they are our future. Let's put children's needs first.

Diane Karpowitz,


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