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Profit motive

March 6, 2002


To the editor:

It's great to see teen-agers with passion about their education ("Students plan protest for their share of funds," J-W, Feb. 27). I would like to give them another idea on how to use that passion that would be more lucrative and honorable than a protest at our state capitol.

Invest the money you earn from your bake sale Monday. My guess is you'll earn around $200. Give each of your 100 protesters $2 each. Protesters can then invest their money into a profit-making business. For example, buy a bottle of window cleaner and paper towels and go wash your neighbors' windows. You could charge $3 per window, which is a bargain for the homeowner. You should easily earn $30 per house.

You could reinvest some of your earnings for more supplies if necessary and then continue walking down the block looking for more business. Imagine the money you could make for your school in one month's time! (Two houses per week 2 x $30 = $60 Four weeks per month $60 x 4 = $240, and these numbers are conservative. With any ambition, you could earn a lot more than this). Of course you will be giving all of your earnings to your school.

You hate window washing? Invest your money in a leash and start a dog-walking business. You hate dogs? Buy some pruning shears and help your neighbors in their gardens this year. You get the point. Instead of asking people for something, offer to give something instead. Show us that you truly care about your schools and are willing to work to make them better. Two great things will happen to you if you do this. First, you will see and experience the value of responsibility, creativity, independence and entrepreneurship. Secondly, when you have shown an honest effort, you will be more believable to the people who are giving out the funds.

Jeanne Newman


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