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KDOT stash

March 2, 2002


To the editor:

Mike Rees and company have an obsession with spending tax dollars irresponsibly. When I heard of the plan to move Haskell Avenue a quarter mile to the east I immediately checked my wallet only to discover it was empty.

Hiring so many consultants, building nature centers, flying a Lawrence group to Denver for a few days, building a bridge to nowhere and paying bribery money to universities has left this cookie jar empty. Oh yes, how could I forget that two-lane, undivided and most dangerous type of highway that can be built, i.e. the western leg of the SLT, which already required some major resurfacing. And now he wants to move five businesses and probably fill in Mary's Lake. Those business owners are going to laugh all the way to the bank. The longer this project exists the more money KDOT seems to find.

If I knew where the KDOT stash was, the first thing I would do is send Randy Weseman and our school board to get our share. The next in line would be the other school districts, state crime lab, SRS, state highway patrol, Menninger Foundation, the LINK kitchen and our libraries. I would even consider sending the Democratic Party to the KDOT stash in hopes of finding some individuals who might have a grasp on making prudent financial decisions. Does Gov. Graves know where this stash is? Does Gov. Graves have any control over KDOT?

Richard Heckler,


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