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Voters beware

June 27, 2002


To the editor:

Recently there have been several letters to the editor critical of the planning commission's intentions for zoning and development at Sixth Street and Folks Road. There were also many people at the city commission meeting voicing objection to the proposed plans for that area.

Where were you:

when the city commission voted to violate Horizon 2020 and zoning ordinances when Home Depot was approved?

when a significant amount of affordable mobile housing was destroyed for Home Depot?

when potential water drainage problems for the Indian Hills neighborhood were identified?

when older neighborhoods were fighting to preserve their single-family housing? Now these ordinances are being challenged in court.

during the last city commission elections? Your choices have led to commission appointments that create these types of issues.

There are two lessons here. First, be aware of which candidates receive the majority of their support from developers during the next election. And second, issues that threaten neighborhoods are not isolated to the older parts of the city. It can and will happen to you.

David Bohanon,


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