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Sad sight

June 23, 2002


To the editor:

Lawrence, Kan., is my home. I grew up here and am proud to call it home even though I had been away for many years, before returning this past February.

The changes in the city were so overwhelming I had to purchase a map to find my way around for a while. However, there are a few things that have not changed all that much. People are still friendly, homeowners still take pride in their land and homes, and it is still a good place to live.

Unfortunately, the absentee landlords (who now own the house where I grew up) do not have the same values. My childhood home at 912 Ark. looks as though no one has looked at it for years. That it is a rental should not be a reason to let it deteriorate, when the other houses on that street look almost the same (or in some cases better) as when we lived there. The owners know who they are, and I do not believe in public humiliation, so their names will not appear. Still, I hope that they will read this letter.

The Lemesany house and the Wertzberger house still stand on the corners of Ninth and Arkansas streets, regal as ever. It is still a neighborhood street and I feel sure the neighbors wish someone would take care of the house and yard at 912.

I am happy to be back in Lawrence, home of the Jayhawks, and so many good people. I only wish it did not make me so sad to drive past my old house on Arkansas Street.

Patricia Bowlin,


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