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Taxes at work?

July 26, 2002


To the editor:

The Journal-World recently printed the amounts of money from government funds for various projects and groups in Lawrence.

The city commissioners, aka the board of directors of Lawrence, approved these funds along with the Neighborhood Resources Department and their advisory committee.

Could someone explain to me how $16,300 is justified for repairs to a porch at 745 Ohio? This house is owned by The Unitarian Society of Lawrence. The owners did not submit the request but rather a former mayor and commissioner did. Who is The Unitarian Society of Lawrence? They are the owners of the over-$225,000 house now to get a $16,300 porch rehab with grant "free" money.

Ten homes in the five target neighborhoods could have had $1,630 each to fix their porches with "free" money.

Not long ago, the same commissioners and Neighborhood Department under the direction of Mr. Torres approved up to $35,000 to rehab a house at 1621 St. Andrews Drive. Yes, by the golf course and up the street from yet another former mayor and commissioner.

It is one thing to help people, but the five target neighborhoods are becoming the stepchildren for favored projects elsewhere in the city. Your board of directors, aka city commission, made these decisions. Why?

So, as you drive around town, take a look at 745 Ohio and 1621 St. Andrews. Those are the recipients of your tax dollars at work.

David Holroyd,


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