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Cruelty response

July 26, 2002


To the editor:

Richard Smith's logic ("Value of Life," July 24) confuses me. If I happen to believe that human and animal lives have the same value and meaning, how then can he conclude that my wanting stiff penalties for animal cruelty equates with total disregard for human life?

I believe in evolution, and I believe that our actions and contributions in this lifetime are meaningful. I do my best to respect all forms of life. I, too, was outraged by the double homicide in Lawrence, as I would be regarding any murder. At the same time, I consider my pets to be my family. Their friendship, faithfulness and loyalty to me far exceed that of any human I've ever met, and I would be similarly outraged by anyone who would attempt to harm them. Their lives are as valuable to me as are anyone else's.

How does this constitute "evolutionary nonthinking?"

Sue Novak,


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