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Fireworks ‘village’

July 16, 2002


To the editor:

The morning of July 4 a few neighbors congregated in my front yard to become one of several "viewing stands" in our area to watch our parade consisting of many young children, young adults, parents, grandparents and friends not to mention decorated trikes, bikes, strollers, golf carts, etc., even a boat! We were glad to see they covered the route not once, but several times.

Afterwards they enjoyed cool snacks donated by the neighbors.

That evening there were groups of us in driveways watching the neighborhood fireworks some older, some ill, some not able to handle the crowds, heat and mosquitoes of the city display.

It was a weekend to be proud of the "family" celebration. Isn't that the answer? When parents, grandparents, and neighbors celebrate with the kids, a truly joyful, safe holiday is enjoyed.

Yes, I have a dog who didn't enjoy the outside noise, but he was fine inside listening to TV.

By noon on the 5th, our neighborhood was clean of "debris." When I was growing up, my parents always stressed cleaning up the following morning, saying it was dangerous to pick up debris immediately in case there were "duds." It was sad to see the abuse of public parks. Can these persons not participate in bringing joy to their neighborhoods as we did?

I guess the point of this long letter is that as the city/county commissions look at new regulations, band, etc., please do not destroy the beauty and joy of celebrations like ours to punish the irresponsible. Possibly participation of more adults could create more neighborhoods like ours. After all, it "takes a village."

Susan Adams,


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