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Fireworks ban

July 9, 2002


To the editor:

With freedom comes responsibility. The more freedom, the more responsibility. This year's Fourth Of July celebration is a perfect example of irresponsible behavior by people using fireworks.

We have an unenforceable law: People are shooting off fireworks for three days from 8 a.m. to near midnight each day. The police refuse to enforce even the most flagrant violations.

We have laws against noise pollution and disturbing the peace but for three days, residents can blow up anything, anywhere they please without regard for the welfare of their neighbors.

I believe in being patriotic, which is why I joined the military and fought for my country in Vietnam. I do not believe people have the right to disturb the peace and break the law in the name of patriotism for three-plus days. I have had to close my doors, sedate my four dogs and turn the TV up to drown out the noise.

I approve of fireworks being used by professionals under the guidance of the city for the benefit of all the residents. The city commission should be encouraged to ban fireworks by individuals within city limits.

David Butcher,


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