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Praise for coach

February 17, 2002


To the editor:

Coach Williams is an outstanding American! After he instituted the policy of having both teams remain on the floor for the singing of the national anthem, I wrote him telling him what a fine example he set for these young men by showing them the respect he had for our national anthem and flag.

I would have expected the military to have changed a great deal since I was in it but I would be shocked if they no longer taught precision and being on time. I am sure that is not the case since your buddy's life might depend on it. Instead, I think it is a case of Cadet Chamberlain not having learned that lesson or the lesson of responsible journalism. He stated he was ashamed to be a Jayhawk. I have news for him. I suspect most Jayhawks, like myself, wish he would not claim being one so we wouldn't have to be ashamed.

I hope the roof comes off of Allen Fieldhouse when Coach Williams enters. Go Hawks!

Scottie Lingelbach,


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