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Divorce restriction

February 14, 2002


To the editor:

I was pleasantly surprised to read about the Kansas Senate Judiciary Committee's endorsement of a bill that would restrict the availability of no-fault divorce only to couples with no dependent children.

This bill is remarkably compatible with another controversial issue: gay marriage. Lawmakers deny homosexual couples the right to legal marriage on the premise that gay marriage would undermine the sacred institution of marriage. It seems natural to me that these same lawmakers should want to restrict divorce. After all, what could undermine marriage more than its destruction via divorce? I am pleased to see that our state Legislature is leading Kansas to true righteousness.

My disappointment with this proposed bill is that it is not restrictive enough. Why not also abolish no-fault divorce for couples without dependent children? In fact, why not stop the pervasive abuse of the sacred institution of marriage by abolishing divorce altogether? If state lawmakers are going to continue denying legal marriage to homosexual couples, these questions seem logical and reasonable.

Dylan Rassier,


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