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Political agendas

December 29, 2002


To the editor,

With respect to former politicians, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, just to name a few, were dedicated to doing what they thought was best for our nation. During their tenures, mistakes were made, but no one questioned their integrity and willingness to do what they thought was best for our nation.

This recent Lott saga clearly depicts what is wrong with American politics. That is, you have two political parties, each obsessed with their own agendas, carefully calculating their next moves. With Lott out and Frist in, it appears that the Republicans have checkmated the Democrats. But is this really the case?

Will the Democrats pull their own rabbit out of the hat? After all, their side of the aisle is equally laden with devious personalities.

During after-hours, when all is forgotten, will members of both parties share cocktails, tailgate parties, or go on fun runs together? This is not a remote possibility amid the "Washington scene."

In short, do we need to continue what Ross Perot started? Jesse Ventura is quietly waiting.

Robert Hinton,


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