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No breather

December 29, 2002


To the editor:

I was more than dismayed to read School Board President Scott Morgan's comments to Lawrencians in the Dec. 24 LJW ("Board president calls for 'breather' on bond issue").

In it, he says, "The community's questions are good ones and deserve answers." This epiphany is welcome news for central and east Lawrence residents who have been ignored, dismissed and denigrated by both the school board and the administration, as recently characterized by an outgoing principal, and now told to shut up for a while by a school board member!

Mr. Morgan tells us that there is more than enough time to debate the merits of a misleading bond issue incorporating much-needed improvements throughout the district with a long-hidden administrative agenda to close key unwanted schools in this community.

It is a most welcome shock to the thousands of city residents living in the areas affected by the shut-down of perfectly functioning, fully stockable school buildings that have been badly mismanaged for the past two decades!

It was because of questions by the public that a completely out-of-control open transfer policy for grades K-9 was stopped! Public queries revealed the conflict-of-interests the consulting and advertising firms have with this bond, and spurred a much-needed closer look at the math used to justify yet another taxpayer boondoggle!

No, Mr. Morgan, we will not take a "breather" since you haven't paused long enough in issuing edicts about totally unnecessary school closures, to get yet another pitch for the bond in the LJW before the new year begins.

Deborah Snyder,


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