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Wrong priorities

December 11, 2002


To the editor:

Why do we support traffic islands and turnarounds while cutting funds for the handicapped? Why do we spend money for the arts, banners, sculptures, etc., and the handicapped have to take cuts? Why do we support sister-city programs with tax dollars when we cut funds for the poor and handicapped?

Why is our country so sympathetic to the poor and handicapped and children of other countries like Africa, India, Afghanistan, etc., when our own have to take cuts and do without? Medical professionals and the Peace Corps help out, too. Why do politicians vote themselves raises while the poor and handicapped are taking cuts? Why are U.S. citizens paying high drug costs when other countries pay less for the same drugs?

The leaders are running away with our tax dollars for raises, and city "improvements," etc., while ignoring the needs of the poor and handicapped. They have terrible priorities and don't take responsibility for their actions nor make any other agency do so, except the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, which has to cut funds for the handicapped. Our own people are more important than traffic islands, turnabouts, art projects, cultural projects, etc.

Mary Ann Kieffer,


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