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Tax collections

December 11, 2002


To the editor:

The recent article about the county cutting services to save money raises yet another question. What are the commissioners and what is the county treasurer doing to collect all the outstanding real estate taxes and personal property taxes due in Douglas County? How much would the school district get if the money was collected? And the best part is that most folks don't know that you don't need to pay your real estate taxes for three years because it takes at least that long for a tax sale.

Save your money, folks, the county won't come after it for three years, and the appraiser will jack up your valuation more than the interest charged. Don't pay your taxes due on the 20th, because no one cares anyway. If paid through escrow, you need to contact your escrow agent and have them paid "under protest." Why? The money paid under protest cannot be used. Now there is a lesson to be learned.

David Holroyd


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