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Double meaning

December 10, 2002


To the editor:

So, let's see. What is the true definition of protection? In Republican terms, protection can have two meanings. In one sense, it means to help protect the citizens of the United States by spending billions of the taxpayers' money on a Homeland Security Department."

Then the second meaning takes on the form of protecting the interests and money of the energy industry. This is done by dismantling clean air regulations and sacrificing the health of the citizens of the United States, in payback for all of the money the energy industry gave to the Republicans that helped buy them into office.

Wow! Apparently the Republicans have a two-faced ideology when it comes to actually protecting the citizens of the United States. They have now proved that there can be a price tag on everyone's health. It is buyouts such as these that continue to keep many citizens of the United States disengaged from the voting process.

Jean Johnson,


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