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Tax donation

April 29, 2002


To the editor:

Like most Kansans, members of the Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence are deeply concerned about the education of the children of our state. As the state Legislature struggles with the financing of our schools, the Unitarian Fellowship has attempted to help through its charitable giving.

The Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence has, for many years, donated to the Lawrence public schools an amount roughly equal to a tax, based upon the assessed value of the property. This money goes to the Parents as Teachers program, where it qualifies for matching funds from another source. So, each of the donated dollars does double duty.

Perhaps other congregations do the same thing. If not, we encourage them to do so. The school district's special programs remain essential although funding has been slashed in many areas. The property of each and every religious institution receives the same police and fire protection as taxable property. Now is the perfect time for religious people to provide some support to our schools in lieu of taxes.

Della M. Hadley,

Finance committee,

Unitarian Fellowship

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