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Mideast thoughts

April 17, 2002


To the editor:

Here are some of my thoughts on recent events in the Middle East:

The current cycle of violence began in spring 2000. It was the Palestinian response to unprecedented concessions by Israel. That's a verifiable fact.

I have doubts about our so-called "war on terrorism." Al Aqsa is a terrorist organization. It admitted sending a 16-year-old to blow herself up in an Israeli restaurant. There's terrorism, Mr. President. Where's the war on it?

The people who would send a child on a suicide mission well, they're not really people. That is an act hideous beyond language and humanity. There's nothing human about those responsible. Like 9/11.

I don't believe criticisms or condemnations matter to such people.

Military response seems to matter. Since Israel began dismantling the terrorists' infrastructure, the daily suicide bombings have stopped.

European leaders have called for Israel to stop military operations, but have not called for a stop to violence against Jews. That seems like a clear message to terrorists. Jews, too.

The message seems even clearer given the wave of anti-semitic violence rolling once again through Europe.

Yes, Israel could withdraw to pre-1967 borders. Those who read history know that Arabs tried vigorously to destroy Israel even before 1967. In fact, Arabs have been trying to kill Israel practically from the day the nation was born.

God help you, Israel. I doubt anyone else will.

Gary Henry,


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