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September 21, 1999
What a way to kick off the Lied Center Series, and what a way for Joshua Bell, Sam Bush, Edgar Meyer and Mike Marshall to kick off a national tour to promote their new CD, “Short Trip Home.” The four musicians churned out a nearly 2mproved efficiency for the combined “first-49in lulls at bluegrass jams with his wicked improvisations on mandolin and fiddle. Bell, on the other hand, is used to precision, playing each note on his violin as the composer has written it. Marshall is in tune with the nuances of phrasing, rhythm and fingering on guitar, mandolin and fiddle, while Meyer’s compositions and bass playing often surprise by taking a new tack in midstream. The result is an energetic, unpredictable performance that is highlighted by such works as “Death by Triple Fiddle,” where Bush, Bell and Marshall cross their bows and come out playing like fiddle demons, and the four-movement “Concert Duo,” where the bass and violin at first seem to echo each other but are really playing different melodies. Meyer, of course, is the real star of this tour. He’s the genius behind the compositions. He’s the genius who has taken the bass from a percussive background instrument and placed it on the same plane as the violin. If you didn’t make it to the concert Friday night, you missed one of the most memorable shows ever in Lawrence. — Jan Biles’ phone message number is 832-7146. Her e-mail address is