Emily Campbell


Rating: 2

Emily Campbell Marks Jewelers

I understand that the style for women’s nails is chipped, and hair that doesn't look like it's been brushed in days, and that appearance isn't everything BUT ... Went engagement ring shopping and that is exactly what I focused on while there. The selection was "okay", but when I’m trying to focus on a ring and can only think about why this woman can't paint her nails or wash her hands... very disappointed. There were probably four or five women, college aged, working there and they all looked like that or didn’t seem to care what was going on.

marksinc replies...

First of all, I would like to apologize. I'm sorry for any poor service you received while in our store. That is not common practice and we do everything we can to ensure this does not happen. We want all of our customers to feel welcome and comfortable while in our store. We are constantly working to improve and any criticism only helps us to improve. Thanks for your input and we hope that the next time you are jewelry shopping you give us a second chance!