Emily Campbell


Rating: 1

Emily Campbell Wayne & Larry's Sports Bar & Grill

(This was from July 31st) I’m going to try and keep this short, so I apologize for any gaps. Never ate here before, but gave it a try because we had young kids (10 and 12) visiting and were going bowling after dinner. Walked in to seat yourself sign, took a few minutes to find a clean space for 4 and 4 chairs, waited for 15+ minutes for service, after the 3 tables came in and were waited on before us went up to the bar, greeted as “why are you bother me” and told “Oh just a moment”, waitress comes over took drink order asked for a Diet Dr. Pepper was told they don’t have that, fine water, waitress comes back apologizes advises she’s new (NO PROBLEM with that what so ever!!! Seriously the waitress did a fine job!!) and gives me a diet dr pepper, we were brought chips and salsa on the house while we waited for our food, great except the salsa had no flavor and was just spicy (still the thought that counts, but wait it gets better), our table ordered two wraps, chicken parmesan and a burger… tasted horrible, especially the chicken parmesan expensive for noodles and store bought spaghetti sauce, then when my husband used the ketchup for his fries it was fermented, told the waitress who had a blank stare (not sure if she could hear me or if she didn’t know what fermented meant), but I hope someone tasted it… then our overpriced bill for the quality of food let alone the service (not our waitress)—Paid and will never be back.

Rating: 1

Emily Campbell King Buffet

We hadn't gone here in a few years then tried it again a couple of months ago. LOVED the remodel, the food was amazing, service even better. We started eating there more and brought some guests and children with us one night. I admit we arrived close to closing, about 9:20/9:30. We were sat, very pleasant experience, took a minute to get our drinks (no biggie), and at 9:40 went up to the Hibachi grill with one of the kids (10yrs old). The cook came through the doors and said "What the F*%@ we're closed!" aggressively took our plates, stormed through the doors and cooked the food in the back, brought it back out and pushed it on the counter to the point that items fell off the plate. This was August 2nd, a Friday they close at 10pm, and we will never go back.

Rating: 1

Emily Campbell Wow!

Confused how they can have 1.5 stars when everyone's given them 1 star...am I to understand then that as more and more people give one star their rating will go up?

We called for service with our internet, because it keeps going in and out. The tech said, and I quote, "It's above my pay grade to know how to fix this... sorry". I about pulled my hair out! Then the company I work for had television service with them at a very good rate, and understandably so, but were recently told the price would be going up, if we kept the same package, 1500%! OR for less 60%!

AT&T here we come!

cphelps replies...

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your internet services.
Please DM me with your account information and I will send out a technician who can assist. Rod, our local General Manager, would like to speak with you directly regarding the rate increases that you have mentioned, please call him directly at 785-312-6998.

Rating: 1

Emily Campbell Owens Flower Shop

Very disappointed--my valentine came by my work to see how the delivery of the flowers he’d ordered a week prior turned out. His request of 6-12 red carnations with hydrangeas if possible turned out to be one hydrangea with two pink carnations, and a bunch of yellow daisies (or something that resembles them). Upon calling the shop and explaining, hoping it was just a mix up, he was told they were sorry and what the person had written down was just an arrangement of carnations (I would hope that would include more than two thrown in on the side falling out of the vase regardless the color). Again he commented that it wasn’t what he ordered and was again told “sorry”. So much for customer service! This business is not the only of the kind to service the area, and one we will never use again. Use caution!!!!

On a side note when I first saw the arrangement I tried to take it with a grain of salt, because it was such a massive holiday for this service, but nothing looked right. The colors didn’t really go together, and besides the yellow flowers being everywhere, if there was another type it was all to one side or arranged with scotch tape!

Rating: 1

Emily Campbell Images Salon & Day Spa

Called a week in advance and they had nothing available outside of normal business hours (8am-5pm), they did have a Saturday at 3pm, but since I wouldn't be able to make it there until about 3:05 I was told that wouldn't work. So it looks like they have enough business with out mine.

Rating: 1

Emily Campbell Sonic Drive-In

Arrived at 3:50pm left about 4:45. Took three times for someone to answer, another 20 mins to get the wrong order, and another 15 to get it right. All the while cold food, and if I had followed the woman across the way and complained maybe a manager would have given me coupons too... Will never visit this Sonic again.