Rating: 1

treatpeopleright Garrison Roofing

Unlike his son that sold me on hiring Garrison Roofing, John Garrison was very rude and very unprofessional. When one of his non-English speaking workers foot came through my bathroom ceiling John became upset with me and threaten to sue me for his worker foot coming through the roof. That evening a huge pile of roofing and nails was left in front of my garage, I had to move it myself. Tarps were piled on one of my flowerbeds, damaging the plants. Heavy metal edging was left laying on top of my hot tub. John hired a subcontractor to repair the bathroom ceiling and I questioned John about when the ceiling would be painted, he blew up and was in disbelief that I wanted the ceiling painted! He says to me, you have not anything nice to say about your roof, I replied, well John, I really do like the color. The overall workmanship was not of high quality and I seriously hope I never have to deal with this rude man again. Low price and BBB ratings are worthless when you have to deal with a mean person! Mean people suck!