Rating: 5

theeyeshaveit El Potro Mexican Cafe

I had heard so many positive things about this little place that I just had to check it out. I was not disappointed. El Potro is now in my Top 5 places to eat in Lawrence (Basil Leaf, Free State Brewery, 715, Kobe) The service is excellent. They have the best salsa I've had in Lawrence. It is super flavorful without being too hot. They serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday until I think 2. That's my next visit and I can't wait.

Rating: 1

theeyeshaveit Wow!

I have not had to deal with the Knology customer service on my home internet or cable yet, but dealing with them for my company's business account has been an absolute nightmare! First you have to go through at least three selections to get the business services, but all those prompts still put you through to residential and they can't help you. The first time I called, no one was available to talk to me about upgrading my internet. They opened a ticket and said someone would call me back. I called again three hours later and got disconnected when they transferred me. The third time, I was told that my first ticket had been forwarded, but then closed for some unknown reason. She so nicely offered to open another ticket for me and informed me that it could be anywhere from four to twenty four hours before someone called me. Of course, now it's possible that I could wait 24 hours only to find out they closed the blasted ticket again. I wasn't aware until recently that when Knology bought out Sunflower, that they moved the customer service. The people I'm talking to are in South Dakota!! My favorite part is the recording you hear while on hold talks about how important customer service is to them. Now that this isn't a "hometown" company, I'm ready for some competition for them.

Knology_CCOC replies...

theeyeshaveit, I am currently a Call Center Supervisor at Knology here in Lawrence, Kansas. I am very sorry to hear of your experience with Knology. If you are willing, I would love to speak to you in regards to the issues you have had. To keep your personal information protected you may email me at .