Rating: 1

suvbuyer Bob's Import Service Inc

Like Shoeless Joe, BOBS IMPORTS tried to OVERCHARGE & CHEAT me out of over $400. I was quoted $440 for a timing belt and water pump and when I came to pick up the vehicle the bill was double the quote. I asked the mechanic (Logan/Joe) to double check the invoice and he said "yup, thats right". I explained to him that I knew the reason timing belts and water pumps were replaced at the same time is because you have to take all the same parts off to replace either so there shouldn't be any extra labor charges. After 15 minutes of arguing with them they finally took off most of the overcharges.

This was NOT a misunderstanding, these guys knew exactly what the were doing and they gave each other an "I guess we got caught" look when they finally gave in and took the double labor off (it was still 10% more than i was quoted, but they refused to give me my keys and I had to get to work so I went ahead and paid them).

Check around, for other reviews, Bobs seems to get a lot of reviews like this, it looks like a pattern to me!