Rating: 1

stopbeingsomean Burger King

I decided to go to burger king tonight and it was a big mistake. I ordered the mushshroom and swiss burger and when i got home I realized that they did not put any mushrooms on it. So i went back. When i told the lady what was wrong she acted annoyed. When she came back to the window she handed me my burger and told me that I was wrong, the burger was made right but she made another one for me anyways. I said that it was not right, its a mushroom and swiss - what I was given was just a swiss. She said they are not supposed to put very many mushrooms on the burgers... once again I pointed out that there were not ANY on the burger. She rolled her eyes and slammed her window in my face. After that i decided to call the manager, having had worked at burger king a few years back I had a feeling it would be pointless because half the time the night manager was scheduled at night for a reason... When i told her what happened, she said "well did we make a new burger for you or not?" Like that was the only thing she got?! Apparently this place thinks it is okay to be rude to customers. Not only will I never go there again, but if I ever see that lady at my place of employment I will make sure to let her know what customer service is...